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Saturday, October 27, 2007

“Tag Your It” - Rules of Tag Protocol

Following are a number of rules that I have developed to help the newer bloggers better understand what it means to "tag" someone. Tagging is usually involved in the spreading of a "meme."


  • List the Tagee's name and/or blog name, with link, after you post your meme.
  • Try and choose meme-friendly sites to participate.
  • Go to their site and invite them to participate in the least obtrusive way possible.
  • If you leave a comment after a specific post, have the courtesy to leave an appropriate post specific comment. Then invite them to participate in the meme.
  • Invite, never challenge; ask, never demand!
  • If you truly believe in the benefit of this particular meme, go ahead and explain the benefits, but always leave the tagee a dignified way to say “no.”
Some memes can be very beneficial to the tager, to the tagee, to both, or to neither. Try not to get involved in memes that have little or no benefit for the site that your are tagging. Like network marketing, some memes only benefit the first ones in. There needs to be some benefit for the participants that get in late.

Memes can be fun and/or revealing. Join in these if it feels good. Some can be an outright waste of time.

Memes are not for everyone. Some people will never participate no matter how beneficial the meme is. If someone says “no” to a meme invite, respect that decision.

When deciding whether or not to get involved in a meme, the overriding concern should be whether your readers will gain some benefit by reading it. Some of the obvious benefits would be that your readers:
  • Will gain some insight into who you are (that could be good or bad).
  • Gain some intrinsic value from the subject matter.
  • Would like to get involved themselves.
  • Would find humor in it.
  • Would learn something.

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Sandee said...

Exactly. Very well done. :)

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Baba Doodlius said...

You get more participation by people you tag if you do it like a chain letter - you gotta tell them that people who continue to meme will find a hndred bucks (or quid, or whatever currency), and those who don't will get gangrene (or herpes, or something similarly heinous).

What, that doesn't work for you?

Have a nice day!

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for the laugh. No, I don't think that will work. Reputations spread quickly in the Blogesphere. I got involved in a meme early on in "blog life." and I made the mistake of challenging people to participate. I became rather obnoxious about it. Luckily I had some friends who suggested that I lighten up. I have never had to as much apologizing in my life as I did with this. My reputation is back in tact and intend to keep it that was.