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Sunday, June 24, 2007

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mahendra palsule said...

Have added you to my blogroll.

Keep up the good work. Please avoid those Paris gimmicks! :-)

Monday Morning Power said...

I just had to try it. I was very clear as to what I was doing as well as having a high level of curiosity about what would happen. So far, it I am pleased to announce the my "Paris gimmick" has not generated a significant increase in my hit rate. So, no more gimmicks.

vitalitymagnet said...


I’m new to blogging…it was wonderful to find a positive, funny, and uplifting blog out there! HA! Some I have run across are downright depressing. I believe in a positive attitude too! Here is my blog, please visit.

Have a great day!


Monday Morning Power said...

I find the same thing. Most blogs are depressing. That fact in one of the reasons I started my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Rick's Time On Earth said...

Fantastic site! I could use all the help I could get and I love stuff like this.

Take care.

Monday Morning Power said...


Thanks for visiting. I honestly believe that there is not a person on earth who couldn't use stuff like this. Come again and bring a friend.

Gaby said...

Hey there! Your blog is pretty neat. So much information!! I especially enjoyed the poems :) Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way.


Emily said...

Great site! I love the positive messages. Keep it up. You may like to visit the blog of my friend Allison Cabral. She is a life coach and a very motivating, positive person.

Monday Morning Power said...


Thank you. I will visit your friend's site.

Invite the Party said...

Love your blog. I believe in positive thinking. I once received this in an e-mail and kept it because I hope this is the way I've been living my life. I see so many people not enjoying life because they are afraid what people will say or how they will look. Life is short and we might as well enjoy the ride.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
Live without Fear or Regret

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Just wanted to say again, love you site.


Monday Morning Power said...


What can I say but WOW. What enthusiasm. I love it!!

Nick and Tiffany said...

Thank you, your blog is very helpful. How do I link to it? Sorry I am new to blogging. :-) Thanks for everything.


Nick and Tiffany said...

Thanks I linked to your site now. It is at he bottom middle section. Thanks you so much.

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you for linking. I will now do the same.

Nick and Tiffany said...

Okay I re-linked it I had it http://

:-) All fixed thanks

trish said...

You already know how much I enjoy your site. As for submissions...are you interested in quotes also? Do they have to be specific to personal positive attitude. Reason I ask is I'm sure as you know how passionate I am about children and I love and have on my website the one that goes..."A hundred years from now it will not matter the house I lived in, the car I drove or the size of my bank account...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.".....words I live by.

Monday Morning Power said...


You know how I feel about everything that you say. This quote is wonderful. I love it. Thanks for leaving it on my site.

trish said...

Mel. I sent you a few quotes at your email address and I'm wondering if you received them?

Monday Morning Power said...


Yes I did. I just have not had time to decide how to present them yet. But I will.

trish said...

I made a blunder by calling my blog Parenting for Dummies 101...didn't realize for Dummies was copyright material. Could you please change the link on your site to read Parenting 101...I didn't really like the 'dummie' part anyway.

May said...

Hi Mel
Love your site, its fun,informative and inspirational. I added a link to your site on mine. Thanks for the comment on my blog,really appreciate it.

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi May,

Thank you. I took a look at your site also and have done the same.

Mahendra said...


You've been tagged.


Monday Morning Power said...

It may take me a few days to respond to this, but I will, reluctantly, but I will.

Steven said...

Hi Mel, first and foremost I would like to thank you for your web blog!!!!You have inspired me to have positive feelings about life instead of drab dark negative emotions!!!I have just started a new job and all I could think about was how negative I was feeling,the whole idea of change!!!!!! Wow it really scares me!! It was and continues to be a daily struggle to keep positive feelings!!

Paradoxian Giant said...

Hi Monday Morning Power,
The content of your blog is pretty, uplifting at times, fun, and entertaining. Thing is, though, we have real problems in the world. I'm not saying that we have to focus solely on them, we must have balance. That balance must be that we apreciate the beauty in this life, but not ignoring that there are, after all, ugly realities. If we deny these realities, hide from them, pretend they are not there, then the world will continue on the downward spiral that it has been on for a longer period of time than I would like to think about. It would be great if things were as pretty as you portray them, but that is not reality. The proof of what I say is that on this planet, there are FAR more folks who live in poverty, in pain - both physical and emotional, in sickness, in losing loved ones before their time, in watching the gross unfairness of life, in watching evil triumph over good more often than not. Citing the isolated case can be pretty and temporarily encouraging, but as with most other attempts at "positive" reinforcement, it does not show reality. Changing our attitude will only serve to ignore these things, and that which is ignored will never improve. What needs to change is the environment - the environment where so many people feel the need to lie, cheat, steal, and kill, in order to survive in the world. The people who take part in such activities - THEY are the ones who need to change their attitude. How is this possible? Well, I don't know yet, but I am making an honest effort to bring together folks who are willing to acknowledge that with all the beauty in the world, there really ARE horrible realities all around us. Maybe if we get enough people to realize this, bring them together, we can begin the long journey of bringing about a balance of good & bad - I say balance because at this point in time, bad is winning by leaps & bounds.
You're right about what you said at my blog, what you say here complements what I say there. I'm linking to you, and I'll visit regularly, because for my own curiosity and education, I welcome viewpoints that differ from my own.

Monday Morning Power said...


I am very proud to announce that I have linked to your site.

As to your comments, Thank you for what you are trying to do. I agree with most of what you stated. There are millions of people in this world who are in true misery and hardship. If they can decide, in some small way, that they can be happy today that would be wonderful. My main issue is with the millions of people who have plenty, yet choose to be unhappy and ungrateful. I believe that linking to each other is important. I truly hope that my readers also read your site and that your readers read mine. I know that I will visit regularly.

For those of you reading this comment, ParidosianGiant's site name is "Truth Justice and the American Way," and that is how I have linked it.

Cristian said...

What a nice blog this of yours! I truly enjoyed my stay I am thinking of coming back more often...

I've created a link in my blog to yours, as you suggested. Mine is


Paradoxian Giant said...

Hi Monday Morning Power,
Well, second time I´m trying to post this, first one disappeared right in front of my eyes :o .
Anyway, as I was saying, one of my favorite things to do is to have discussions with intelligent, sensible people. From what I´ve seen - your blog, your posts, I believe I can and will have that here.
What you said about the millions who have plenty but choose to be unhappy, I believe that those are the ones who are responsible for most of the evil in the world - they are the ones who think it is ok to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for their own selfish reasons.
Also what you said - that if people can be be uplifted by something you say here, by a joke, a picture, a story, then you are doing a great thing.
So, thanks for visiting, thanks for posting, I enjoy having you at my blog, and I enjoy visiting here, I´ll visit regularly.
Gotta run now, talk to you folks next time.

Paradoxian Giant said...

Hi Monday Morning Power,
Well, second time I´m trying to post this, first one disappeared right in front of my eyes.
Anyway, as I was saying, one of my favorite things to do is to have discussions with intelligent, sensible people. From what I´ve seen - your blog, your posts, I believe I can and will have that here.
What you said about the millions who have plenty but choose to be unhappy, those are the ones who are responsible for most of the evil in the world - they are the ones who think it is ok to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for their own selfish reasons.
Also what you said - that if people can be be uplifted by something you say here, by a joke, a picture, a story, then you are doing a great thing.
So, thanks for visiting, thanks for posting, I enjoy having you at my blog, and I enjoy visiting here, I´ll visit regularly.
Gotta run now, talk to you folks next time.

Gabriel... said...

Thanks for coming by... welcome to my blogroll.

Cristian said... your post...I had to spend some slavery days working for my thesis supervisor...that's why you saw no new post..but now I am back! Thanks for stopping by!

RickyRockster said...

I love your site and the whole positive attitude premise especially because almost everywhere you go these days there always appears to be a bit negativity. I have always felt a positive attitude is 90 percent of everything! You know if you laugh out load at least once a day and do something nice for someone… it will set you free. And that is what this site is all about kudos to you!



Monday Morning Power said...


Thank you for those very kind words.

Chris said...

As requested, I have added your blog link to my blog roll. I definitely see great value in the content on your site. Your attitude plays a large role in how you feel about yourself and your environment. It is the difference between being successful and not.


Richard Arnold said...

I have linked your site to my blog at I look forward to your reciprocal link. Let's spread the power of PMA and the Law of Attraction.

Thanks - Richard

BullysE said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my blog--

I had to come and check out your site here, and there really seems to be something for everybody! I am definitely all about PMA and being More in life. I'll be adding you to the blogroll.

Thanks for putting a positive energy outward in the world.


Steven said...

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has any information on this beautiful redhead little girl call your
local police dept.


Baba Doodlius said...

You should read everything about or by Jim Valvano. Famous quote: "It's always too soon to quit." The world is a lesser place without Jimmy V.

Monday Morning Power said...

There are many great thinkers and motivators, however, I fear they are not getting through to enough people, or I should say, that too many people are not letting them in.

reasonable robinson said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment - its much appreciated!I have have blogrolled you too. And, I have an amazing short story about my partner who, depsite hard times last year persisted with affirmations and in the space of 6 months she ended up as group CEO of an SME with a 50% stake too - WOW! This process kicked off with a 30 second chance conversation in station. Attitude does influence outcome!

Monday Morning Power said...

Reasonable Robison,
It truly is ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE! Thanks for visiting.

Liquid said...

Dearest Monday Morning Power....
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving me such a refreshing comment. I will leave here and link you immediately! Your blog is wonderful and I have certianly enjoyed my visit this morning!

Have a super day! :)

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you for visiting and for such a nice comment. We all need the POW-A.

Jodi Blackley said...

Thanks so much for your invitation. I have created a link to your site from mine.


Mahendra said...

MMP: I have been seeing your blog right from when it started as a bud. It slowly developed into a budding flower, a full flower, and am happy to see how it is still blossoming and spreading joy!

Keep up the great work!

Monday Morning Power said...

I were the first to leave a comment on this page. Yes you saw me from the very beginning. Thank you for your continued support and for occasionally brining me back to earth.

Liza said...

Well done. A real booster and a very good idea to keep you going the whole week. If you have time please drop by my blog... Happy Tuesday!

Monday Morning Power said...

That's the whole idea behind my blog, somewhere to go to get a quick boost. Thanks for recognizing that.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Hi Mel, So Funnnnneeeee! I love this blog. I'll link to you on my coffee blog, too.
Thanks for commenting on the "Bobby" post. I agree with you but I have decided to step back from this situation.
If you are looking for the code, I know that Speedcat has it. On my blog the badge just links to the image not my website. On his blog he set it up to link to my blog. Perhaps you could ask him for it. Thanks for the support!

Monday Morning Power said...

I'm glad you enjoy it. I have a lot of fun writing it. As far as Bobby is concerned, he has to find his own way. But I am concerned that he is cutting off his only source of friends.

dickiebo said...

I am very hurt. (Ouch!) I put a comment on your blog, only to find it deleted by the censor! Unfortunately, I can't remember what my comment was, so I can't try to 'justify' it. So sorry.

Monday Morning Power said...

Here is a much more appropriate place to discuss the comment I deleted. I do remember it word for word "Sir, the reason you did not include some people was pure spite!!!!!"

You put this in my "Thanksgiving Thank You" post. The problem with the written word is that sometimes we can't tell if the statement was meant as a joke or was mean in nature. Your comment was inappropriate, especially in that I had created a section in that post for including future friends. Now is your chance to defend the statement.

In my "General Comments" section there is very little that I would censor.

dickiebo said...

'..cannot tell if it was meant as a joke...'
Surely you answer your own question when you say '....created a section...for future friends..' Clearly we are all covered by that, so it seems pretty obvious that I was referring to our mutual award from Marja being the butt of my comment.
However, I do concede that what is 'inappropriate' is a matter for you on your own blog and as I have offended that, I apologise. But - for only that! Not for your lack of humour.

Monday Morning Power said...

It looks like we have an interesting discussion going here. As I stated in my previous comment "The problem with the written word is that sometimes we can't tell if the statement was meant as a joke or was mean in nature."

So again, your newest comment "I do concede that what is 'inappropriate' is a matter for you on your own blog and as I have offended that, I apologise. But - for only that! Not for your lack of humour." You need to be careful with the written word. If in writing a potential sarcastic remark and/or a humerus one, please be sure that the intended recipient be made aware of your intent. You are making a judgment call on my "lack of humor" when you should be focusing on your writing. I do believe that you have issues (no humor intended.)

You should try using parenthesis to qualify your intent.

I offer up the potential that this conversation is routed in miscommunication. However, if it is, I place the burden of clarity on your shoulders.

dickiebo said...

You now seem to have put the shoe rather nicely on the other foot! Methinks it's you who now need to 'be careful with the written word'! Apart from the obvious spelling mistake. I have issues? Please do enlighten me. I think you yourself sum up well when you state that you intend no humour. Can I say more?

Monday Morning Power said...

I meant no humor in that one statement; that is correct. Pointing out a spelling error; is that not just a little petty.....and thus my point on issues. You seem to be harboring some anger and I'm not sure why.

If you have spent any time at all reading my site and some of the comments you would soon understand that humor is not a problem for me.

I, again, point out the use of parenthesis to indicate intent when the intent is not clear in the statement itself.

Off the Shelf Productions said...

Thought you might like to look at my Site....

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Off the shelf Productions,
Your site is a no brainer for the award.

Andielle said...

Thanks monday morning power. . . you're great! Lovin your site.

Monday Morning Power said...

I am glad you are enjoying my site. I hope to see you often.

Monday Morning Power said...

I received this email that I just had to post; it is a little self indulgent of me, I admit:

Fabulous blog! I am happy that I visited this evening. And, it is refreshing, like a cup of cold water and a cool breeze to a man parched, roasting in the desert. I will visit again. Given the state of my life, it will be a good friend to me.

What industry are you in? Have these thoughts grown and matured because of your profession? Or are you inherently positive? .:)

My father was in sales, nationally acclaimed, and I grew up watching the power of attitude perform its alchemy of success in his life. (This is not suggesting my father's powerful attitude reflected and shined in my childhood; it did not).

The other matter, happiness. I grew up outside the insurance capital of the world and got to know some of the finest salesmen in the world and learned more from them than any course at university. Most of them were positive, strong in mind and character, resolute, and happy, or at least at peace with themselves and others. On rare occasion, there was the guy with a positive attitude and the head and heart of a shark; no matter how happy this type appeared, I always thought, 'They must hate life.'

My life turned on a dime five years ago. After another professional triumph in Saudi Arabia, I left to be bushwhacked in Europe on an investment. It is a story that could be made a movie. The U.S. Embassy was involved, secret police, spies, al Qaida! A real cast of characters.

Enough. What matters is seeing in your blog and in your words something I haven't seen in a long while, things that make me remember a way of being human I have not seen in a long while. Ah, and your most recent post about being American. Bravo.

Will visit again. Read, and refresh myself at the well of your blog, and write again.



Monday Morning Power said...


I was so blown away by your email that I had to post in the comments section of my "General Comments page: I hope you don't mind. If you do I will remove it.

You asked me a couple of questions which I will answer for you.

"What industry are you in? Have these thoughts grown and matured because of your profession? Or are you inherently positive? .:)"
I, as you probably figured out, am in the sales filed and have been for over 30 years. Being in that industry you have to develop a positive attitude or you have no business being there. When I first started in sales I was a very negative person, but My wife convinced me to take a chance. Over the next 30 years and few key books that I read I began to turn my attitude around. I have always enjoyed poetry, so when things were bad I would go into my poetry mode and write something that would bring me back. That is how my "Empowerment Process" began. I have posted about 2/3rd of it on my site so far.

"Happiness" is where I always wanted to live; so with some introspection, and a positive mental attitude, I realized that I have always lived there but never acknowledged it. It is recently that this realization came to me and so I developed my own philosophy "Happiness Refined" ( that I stand behind 100%.

Your life sounds like it could easily be a book. I would like to know more.

BTW, I will post this reply on my General Comment page also. I feel that it is important that others also benefit from an exchange like this. However, if you disagree I will remove it. Just let me know.

If you agree, and would like to continue this, please do so at:

If you disagree, but would like to continue this, just let me know and we will continue by email only.

Thank you for your kind words.

Monday Morning Power said...

On Dec 15, 2007 6:49 PM, Mel Kaye <> wrote:

You might not like my latest post then. It is centered around my patriotism. Having said that I know that we have some very profound problems.

You might be interested to know that I also have an alter ego and it is centered in my other site. This one is new and will take a while to get off the ground. In case you are interested, it's url is

This site is totally interactive and is meant to be international in flavor. I accept "Complaints" from anyone and post them.

This might be the place to voice your opinion. The sharper your words the better I like it. NOTHING is off limits.

Monday Morning Power said...

From Ink. on 12/15/07:
Au contraire, Mel, the post on patriotism was wonderful! It woke my spirit to read it.

I am, in truth, disgusted with many who have engineered America into a Dizzyland of naughtiness, complicated, contorted geometries of rationalizations, and state dependency .-) and attack my simple thoughts and beliefs inherited from some of the greatest in history as a threat to their license to be ... Naughty .-)

I will take a look at your other blog. Now it's supper time here.

Best regards,


patgiron said...

I left you a note last week and mentioned that I would me back to read on. I have read to installment #10 I will be reading on, so far I like what you have to say. Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Henry Ford, Carniege and many more are authors that I have read for a long time. If always sounds like what I need or want, but I never seem to accomplish the success that I want. Thank you in advance for a nice read. I'll be back

Monday Morning Power said...

I am glad you came back. You approaching the "process" exactly the right way. Also, I welcome your comments.

Personal Development Home Business said...

I have added the Big Bang to my blog (see ), can you add me to your list?

Thanks, Tom

Oh, and thanks for the blog - great content, I have bookmarked it and I am making it a regular stop on my browsing list.

Phyl said...

I have some linky-love for you!

bobzero said...


Well Monday Morning i had a great time viewing your blog, its full of goodies, not to mention fun.. and way different than some i have seen, i did add you... mine is here, i'm just getting the hang of this ..slowly but steady., i will return again soon.

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Bobzero,
Thanks for the visit. I appreciate the kind comments. I do hope to see you again soon.

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