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Friday, June 22, 2007


I use the word “power” a great deal in my writings. In fact, the first mention is at the beginning of my site “Attitude, the Ultimate Power” and in almost every essay that I write.

Apparently, this has caused some consternation with my readers. The following comes directly from a comment placed on one of my posts by Ramana (Rambodoc at large.)

“What is real power? Except for people who deal with issues that affect the lives of nations or entire planets, the most important achievement for an individual is to define the limits of his power. How important is it to be powerful? I think it is important only to the extent you can control your own life, not the lives or outcome of others. I say this because regardless of how inflated an opinion of self each of us may have, think of one thing: "If I die tomorrow, what happens?" The answer is humbling: exactly NOTHING! The world goes on with sublime disregard. So, how are we important? We are, but to our own lives. Once we lose the need to impress others with our power and influence, we will focus on self, and that is ALL that is needed to be successful and happy."

What Ramana is saying is very close to how I view “power”, but obviously, I was not very clear as to my meaning. In fact, I was not clear at all. For that I apologize.

This got me thinking, and as I told Ramana, that can really hurt. The way that I use the term “Power” is not necessarily the same way that others may use this term. My concept (definition) of “power” is inwardly directed, not outwardly directed.

The three major definitions of "power" are:

    1. Authority
    2. Strength
    3. Ability

In my writings “power” is best suited to the "ability" definition. So, in my description of "power" try substituting the word "ability."

The power that one has over his/her own life; the power not to give control of your happiness over to others; the power to control your own destiny; the power to NEVER take on the role of a victim, and the power to succeed in life. At no time in any of my essays or anything that I write or infer do I use the word power as influence over anyone other than yourself. This is absolute and unwavering in the whole concept of my blog.

He is most powerful who has power over himself.

Philip Massinger

By Mel Kaye

Copyright © MondayMorningPower, All rights Reserved


Tuck, The Rebel Belle said...

Hi Mel...I found you via the Personal Developement List, and love your site. I look forward to my Monday Morning Dose of Power. I'm currently reading Power, Freedom and Grace by Deepak Chopra and wanted to share his definition of power:Power is the ability to manifest anything you want, including any reality that you want to experience. Real power comes from the essence of infinity, which is your source. Your power is your soul.
Thank you for your stimulating conversations. Rock on....

Tuck, The Rebel Belle
A Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Tuck,
The definition that you gave is closely aligned with how I view power. But, my definition better suits my purposes. As you may have discovered, I am in the process of posting an E-Book called "The Process," in which I use "power" quite frequently.
I too, look forward to some stimulating conversation with you.