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Friday, October 5, 2007

Why do you Blog?

This has probably been addressed in many different ways on many different blogs, but I wanted to take a stab at it.

Warning! This post will ask some tough questions and you may be a little uncomfortable with your answers.

As with many of my posts my wife is my inspiration. This time she asked if my blog was taking away from "real life." After my initial reaction of being defensive (some old habits are hard to break), I began to think of it in a more useful way. When I come home from a business trip I have a tendency to go to my blog as quickly as I can. It's like I have missed an old friend that I can't wait to get reacquainted with. Like everything in life, blogging is a compromise. Am I putting too much importance into blogging and letting some more important things go unattended? (A question to myself.) So, I decided to open this up for discussion. It may help me in getting down to my root need (yes, I did say "need") to blog. It may also help you, not that you need help.

I would welcome an open discussion on this topic. I personally think that it totally depends on the individual. I have identified the following five reasons that people blog:

  1. Cathartic - the need to share experiences.
  2. Altruistic - a way to disseminate valuable information (valuable in the mind of the blogger. Whether it is actually valuable has no real bearing for this discussion) that needs to be put out their.
  3. Validation – I have changed my definition from “Blogging is their life; without it they would not have a way to validate themselves” to “to feel valued as a person, or feel that his or her ideas, opinions or creativity are worthwhile.” My first stab at validation was, according to Baba Doodlius, “way over the top,” for which I have to agree.
  4. Earnings – A way to make money. (Again, whether blogging actually can make money has no bearing on this conversation.)
  5. Strength – Blogging gives all types of people: strong, weak, extroverts, introverts, etc. a voice by which they can possibly effect change. This may be closely aligned with Altruism and Validation; however, I feel that it needs a category by itself.
Does anyone have a reason for blogging that does not closely align itself with one or more of the five reasons that are on this list? I believe that most all reasons are either here or are a combination of what’s here. I would like to compile as complete a list as possible.

For the sake of this post let's consider the five reasons noted above as the five prime reasons; kind of like prime colors. And for the sake of this conversation we'll say that we all live in blogging CAVES (Cathartic, Altruistic, Validation, Earnings & Strength) of our own design. I believe that we all have some aspect of each reason, just in different proportions.

Again, for the sake of this discussion let’s use the following scale:
0 = Absolute no
10 = Absolute yes

Let's all agree that there will be no judging here! There are no right or wrong answers.

I'll talk about me first. At this point I am not trying to make any money. That may change down the road. I'll give myself a 3 on “E”.

I have a life outside of blogging but I do use blogging to validate myself (especially when I get some of those wonderful comments.)
However, blogging is becoming a significant part of my life. I'll give myself a 6 on “V”.

I honestly feel that I am disseminating some very useful information that will have a positive effect on the world. I'll give myself a 9 on “A”.

I feel that being cathartic has very little to do with my blogging,
although, the act of sharing my ideas and experiences does feel good. I'll give myself a 3 on “C”.

As far as the category of strength goes, I feel that I can effect change with what I say and it definitely gives me a feeling of power. I put humor in this category; the power to make people laugh. Humor also falls into the “A” category as well. I will give myself an 8 on “S”

Let's see now, that puts me at:
C – 3
A – 9
V – 6
E – 3
S - 8
Let's also keep in mind that this could change tomorrow, or even in 5 minutes from now.

You know, it's funny how something that seems so complex can seem so clear once it is broken down into its component parts. We just have to be honest with ourselves.

Please, I invite comments on this. I do not believe that I have a fragile ego......anyway, if I do not like your comment I can reject it. Actually, to date, I have rejected only one comment and that was challenge that was too absurd to even respond to.

Why do you blog?

I wish I was computer literate enough to create a fancy widget that could be used to better illustrate this and maybe even be used by bloggers on their sites. If anyone has the knowledge to put such a widget together I would be more than happy to share the authorship.

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Amel said...

I LOVE this post, Mel!

I think I'm similar to you in the CAVES rating system. Especially for me, being in a foreign land where I only have one Brit family as friends and nobody else to talk to besides my hubby and his family/relatives, I DESPERATELY need blogging to VALIDATE my worth on earth. I need to know that I don't just exist on earth. I need to know that I serve a higher purpose.

Blogging is my voice indeed, my way to tell the world about my thoughts, ideas, experiences, fears, dreams. I find that it's VERY therapeutic. Even if sometimes everybody else is busy, I still think my thoughts are worth jotting down on paper or in the blogosphere. Why? Because in the future, when I reread my own thoughts, I'll know EXACTLY what I've been going through and I'll know roughly how far I've come since then (or whether I've actually undergone regress). It's good to evaluate myself and my progress this way.

Plus I've found that you can create bonds with others by sharing your own experiences and thoughts. Finding like-minded people around the world through blogging is some kind of AMAZING experience for me. You go through your usual barrier: skin colour or looks, and you go straight to the heart/mind of the other person.

That's why blogging's so addictive and therapeutic for me. I've learnt A LOT by blogging and I've had the opportunity to be heard and to make friends, friends that I still have trouble finding here. ;-))))

OK now I'm rambling. Better stop here he he he...I think you've covered all the bases here, Mel. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Original and insightful!

Marja said...

nice question, very scientifically put and you probably cover my reasons, but my main reasons are that I now meet people I never would have met in normal live. I love writing but it is not as much fun when you can't share it. I learn a lot. People filter out the best for me and somehow people i meet are more sensitive than the ones in I meet in real life or it is because people show their sensitive site more in writing or writers are more sensitive. But I let myself go. Have a nice day.

Diviya said...

C- 7
A- 4
V- 6
E- 2
S- 5

Yep, all subject to change.

DubLiMan said...

You are similar to mine. However, yours would be very high on both the validation and Cathartic scales. What you have taught me is that the Validation scale is not necessarily negative; depending on the circumstances, the "V" scale can be life-saving.

Thank you for participating.

DubLiMan said...

I would love if you were to participate and let us know "Why you blog?"
Thank you, though, for the comments.

DubLiMan said...

I have been giving yours a lot of thought. I do not believe that meeting people falls into a separate category. I believe that it falls within the Validation & Cathartic categories, with a little Strength thrown in for good measure. I could very well be wrong and would like to invite some open discussion on this point.
Thank you for participating.

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for participating and actually completing your scale. I feel that looking at someone's scale kind of gives me a feel for who they are in the blogging world.

DubLiMan said...

I forgot to respond to your very insightful sensitivity comment. I tend to agree with you. I think that a persons sensitive and creative side comes out in the blog world. Bloggers, for the most part, don't judge; they discuss. The blogesphere opens up a person's "real" self....of maybe it's the self that one hides form everyone in their "real" life.

Amel said...

Yes, that's very true about me, Mel. My Cathartic and Validation scores would be very high indeed he he he...

You see, first time I had a blog was in Friendster, but for some reason, even though I had a list of long-lost friends, nobody really commented on my posts. I grew frustrated 'coz I needed "a conversation", esp. after I moved to Finland...I NEED to interact with other adults in English 'coz I still can't communicate well in Finnish with the people here. I'd go nuts if I could only interact intellectually with my hubby.

Thus I decided to move my blog to a "wider" community. I never really expected anything much. I'd say that I'd be happy just finding a few blogger friends, but nowadays I've already got so many people on my blogroll he he he...and it's just such a NICE place to be with. I find what I'm lacking in real world here in the blogosphere and it's making my life complete. ;-D

Anyway, the sensitivity comment was written by Marja he he he...but I agree with you about the non judging part. Even though I've written down some very personal issues, other bloggers don't judge me. Instead, they encourage me and they support me in going through the rough patches in life. For non-personal issues, discussing them with other bloggers expand my mind.

I find that in real life, the problem is that it's HARD to communicate effectively like in the blogosphere. Why? Because people tend to cut in the middle of your explanation or conversation and then the person shares his/her ideas and the conversation may take a very different route than your intention. Thus you're left dissatisfied somehow and most of the time, you don't get another chance to continue what you were going to say until the end. It's hard to elaborate your thoughts from A to Z in the real world.

I guess one benefit from the blogosphere is that it's a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. If you don't wanna read it, you don't have to read it. But that's what makes it beautiful, isn't it? ;-D

OK, now I have to stop rambling again he he he...

DubLiMan said...

Indeed, that is what makes it beautiful. In the real world you have to almost fight for your place while in the blog world, you truly earn it based on your blog content, your honesty and your participation in other blogs. We are more about clarity and understanding than about being "right."

Lynda said...

This is a great post... I blog to spread love and for creative purposes, but, yes, I can relate to each of the CAVES reasonings and would have to say that an over-all 6 would apply for most for me... Our intial reasons for blogging somehow get all entwined with what we find ourselves blogging towards, see what I mean here? I started to create some cash flow and to spread love and outlet my creativity, then, the money thing kind of lessened, the creativity increased and the meeting people, thus being able to spread love increased significantly... Ha! I love this discussion... I too, rush to the 'puter to blog, but, blogging is not my life, though with all the blogs I have, one might think so, however, since it is becoming more interpersonal, I can say that it is now a big part of my life, and, the love which flows through the pages of the WEB is incredibly addicting, yes???? Ha! I am going to bow out now as I could go on and on... EXCELLENT POST~!

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for participating in this discussion. I think that focusing on the creative outlet and spreading love is what most of us try to do. I see the spreading of love as Cathartic with a touch of Strength. The creative outlet would fall under Validation, and again, a touch of Strength.

I believe that we could probably come up with hundreds of reasons for blogging, but like prime colors, it comes down to just a few; in this case five (CAVES.) Again, I welcome a challenge and if convinced with logic and clarity, I will change the "CAVES" theory.

Oswegan said...

Nice post.

I blog, therefore I am.


DubLiMan said...

That sounds like a 10 on the Validation scale to me.

Oswegan said...

You don't have to post this comment, just wanted to let you know I'm going to give you a link.


DubLiMan said...

THANK YOU. I am touched.

Baba Doodlius said...

Here are a couple that don't fit very closely with anything on your list, and they happen to be the reasons I blog:

1) Creative outlet. I usta draw dumb cartoons, but I got bored with that. Now the only thing I do that's remotely creative is write my blogs.

2) Vanity. I like to think that anybody in the Universe can read something I wrote (and it seems like there are about 10 or so people who actually *do*, which amazes me on a daily basis). This falls waaaay short of your "Validation" point, though. Related to "Cathartic", but only distantly.

DubLiMan said...

I must respectfully disagree with your challenge.
1) Creative outlet falls well within the Validation category. Using blogging as an outlet for creativity is an attempt to validate that you are indeed creative. The more people who read and comment on your creativity the more validated you feel.
2) Vanity falls well within the Validation and Cathartic categories also.

What I may have to do is expand the definition of each category. In fact "C" & "V" may be VERY closely aligned.

Thanks for participating. I would welcome a re-challenge on these points. for me, being "right" falls far behind being "clear."

Baba Doodlius said...

"Creative" is completely inward-focused. I do it for me, as a hobby, kinda like building model trains. This may fall under the dictionary definition of "Cathartic" ("emotionally purging"), unless you use the alternate definition ("strongly laxative").

"Vanity" is closer to "Validation" because the focus is outward on both - it implies you're doing it for other people. The main difference is in the way you worded "Validation" as "Blogging is their life" - that's just waaaay over the top. Rework the definition of "Validation" and I'll roll "Vanity" into it because they are related.

DubLiMan said...

This is the type of conversation that gets my juices going. You are absolutely right (my subjective definition of right) in this challenge. I will re-word my definition of "Validation."

Oswegan said...

Nice discussion guys. Reminds me of my day job.

Mel - I gave you a thingie, for whatever its worth.


DubLiMan said...

Thanks for the "thingie".....I can't wait to see what it is.

To All.....My mind can be changed!

Marja said...

Big discussion going on here. hot topic. You are right mel validaion is a big one and creativity. It feels so good to create something.

DubLiMan said...

I feel that this is a very important topic. We should all understand why we do what we do. Again, there is no right or wrong there is just "you (metaphorically speaking.)

Yes, it feels good to create something, but it feels even better to share your creation. The entire creativity process falls within differing levels of "V", "A" and "C", with a little "S" for good measure.

DiamondsSaphire said...

Hey Mel, thanks for the invite so here is my self rating

C – 6
A – 9
V – 0
E – 5 maybe higher, depends on the day.
S - 7

I guess I use blogging as a way to share what is going on in my life. Since I have started blogging I am more at peace with myself and most importantly , don't laugh but, my hair has stopped falling out!!It is a huge stress relief for me.

I don't feel the need to validate myself..I am way to secure for that. The way I look at it is. if you don't like a post and never read my blog again then to bad for you. Sometimes I do post some interesting things. For those who do read my blog, I love them for that and I know that they accept my blog for what it is and that is what means the most. Whether is is a completely meaningless post or not!

If I give someone strength, then that makes me happy.

Bobby Revell said...

Hi Mel! This is a very interesting discussion. When I 1st began blogging I was just fooling around. I have been writing all my life and blogging seemed to be something that interested me.

I think of writing like I do any art, it is expression. I believe blogging is art. Some blogs are more "artistic" than others.

Art means to express one's self honestly. I would say this is the heart of what I do.

I do have other reasons also. I believe blogging is such a powerful tool, that if it were used properly it could change the world as we know it.

Things like hunger and war could be for the most part eliminated by using blogging as a way to accomplish that.

I want to learn to make money with my blog. However, not for myself.

There are all kinds of little groups all over the net. Blog Catalog has their "blogging against abuse." The idea is good, it won't do much to stop abuse as it is missing several elements.

It's not enough to just write about what needs to be changed. That takes money and lots of it.

The money bloggers run the show and they are the minority. The rest of us let them run the show and we are the well over 100 million bloggers increasing by over 75,000 or more per day.

Regular bloggers do everything differently than the money bloggers; this is one problem. If every regular blogger, ran his or her blog like a top money blogger but kept the content the same (non-money content), it would change everything.

The way search engines find and rate the "importance" or "validity" of content would be drastically altered. That's why we are seen as "invalid" blogs by Google!

Ok, gotta stop! But I'll add more later today:)

DubLiMan said...

You seem like the very secure type to me also.
Thank you for participating.

DubLiMan said...

WOW. You have some lofty goals. I wish you well and hope that we can help support your ideals.

This whole conversation has taken a turn that is different than what I intended. Having said that, I really like where it is going. I feel compelled to relate how I got involved in blogging. Over the past 10 years I have been writing a book called "Are You Prepared for Success? It started as a way to build myself up when I was feeling down. I have always enjoyed writing poetry and I have always been positive. I combined both of these to complete this book project.

My son is a in publishing in NY and I asked him if my book was marketable. He said, in a kind way, "who are you and why should anyone buy your book? He then suggested that I start a blog to get noticed. That is how I started.

I am now putting my book as posts on this blog under "The Process." At that time my "E" factor was very high, along with my "V" factor. What I didn't count on was the community aspect of blogging and the friends I have made along the way. The actual act of sharing, the "A" factor, has taken over and the "E" factor keeps diminishing.

The whole blogging process has become an amazing journey. I am grateful every day for this opportunity. My "CAVES" quotient changes day by day.

I will probably have more to say a little later in this conversation.

surjit singh said...

Hi Mel,
You have chosen a very meaningful topic. Pl accept my congratulations.I like your views about blogging as I am sailing in the same boat too:
...'It's like I have missed an old friend that I can't wait to get reacquainted with...'
Further I fully endorse Amel Realm's views:
...'I've found that you can create bonds with others by sharing your own experiences and thoughts. Finding like-minded people around the world through blogging is some kind of AMAZING experience...'
As for my humble opinion is concerned I put it as under:
C – 8
A – 8
V – 6
E – 2
S - 8
Thanks for giving a healthy kick to my mind..
I also wish if we could get a beautiful widget on this topic to enable me to display on my blog proudly...
Thanks and good luck.

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for sharing your insights and your scores. It gives me a closer look into you. I really like what I see. I know that sounds kind of funny, but your V score tells me that you also need a little validation...I like that. My perception was very "guru" like. This humanizes you, in my eyes. Thanks for sharing "you."

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Mel,

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this conversation.
I had actually thought about this topic. I was working on the computer and I thought to myself "Blogging is so addictive! If one isn't careful enough it will absorb one's life. One turns on the internet, the first thing one does is check the email for comments; one thinks all the time about ways to change the layout, to improve its's crazy!".
I have imposed on myself some rules which keep me from being addicted to blogging! Otherwise I wouldn't do anything else *nodding*...

Your wife has raised an excellent issue; and I am sure that it made you review some of the aspects in your life. I guess it comes to a point where people have to re-think their priorities: real Life vs Blogging - what's more important?
And another question comes to mind: if we dedicate so much time to our blogs, to interacting with people we don't physically know...what is missing in our lives? Do we feel that void? (note that I am not saying that this is your case; I am just expanding the universe of your theme...I am sure that there are people who can relate with these questions)

I blog for strategic reasons: if my bosses read my articles they might give me the wanted promotion. But I also admit that I enjoy sharing my thoughts with other people, yes. So I guess this falls into the Altruistic (although I don't believe in altruism, as I made clear in my article "re-define altruism") category.
I can't say that I share much experiences in my articles. Real life issues were only address twice.
Validation: it's nice, of course, to see that people like my articles, that they value my thoughts...and for that I thank you, and all the people that leave comments on MAX. However I wouldn't say that it is my life, no!
I don't earn money from blogging. But it will increase my earnings when I get that promotion lol.
Yeah, MAX helped me to spread my thoughts all over the world (and "meet" wonderful people too), which may give a sense of empowerment, yes.

My CAVES punctuation:

C- 2
A- 8
V- 5
E- 3
S- 7

Before I leave you, Mel, I would like to say that what I aprreciate the most in the blogsphere are these debates: they are great!!! It is a chance to put things into perspective, and express them in an intelligent fashion (it is like we filter judgements, emotions, and put-in thoughts that derive from reason...). Ok it doesn't occur for everybody, but I always try to give an emotion-free input...that's me :).

Great debate, Mel!


Bobby Revell said...

Here is my CAVES profile:

I remain detached from and reason or motive I have in what I write so that I main express the ideas in their purest of states.

Moooooog35 said...


I saw your comment on my site, and figured I'd check it out.

I think mine is more simplistic than most - which is a more narcissistic reason than any I've seen.

I have a friend at work who told me he was going to start a website to try to make money, and wanted me to blog on it. He asked me this for one reason: I'm funny. I know it. Most people I know also know it. It's something I can't help, and have often been told that I should try to do "stand up." My problem with that is that I'm 5'2" tall, and most people can't see me when I'm standing.

Regardless, I figured if he was going to try to make money off of me, then I should probably just give it a go myself.

Being the person that I am, I never have something happen to me that doesn't have some weird anecdote to it. I'm not sure why that is, but something bad or weird will happen to me while I'm flossing my teeth.

As such, I have a million stories. I usually tell these things to people at work, and have now come to write them down instead.

As I said, it's narcissistic. I want to increase my audience, and - yep, here it is - VALIDATE that I AM as funny as I think I am. Sounds crass, I know, but so far the reception I've got from my particular site has backed my claim. In the forefront, to be honest, is the thought that someone will see my postings and set me up with some type of book deal, or whatever, that allows me to get the Hell out of my tech job and able to tell funny stories full time for money.

There you have it. My most unfunny post. But you asked for it.

In the meantime, I'm working on my next blog entry titled, tentatively, "Raisins are People." You'll know what I mean when you read it.

Thanks for the opportunity to explain myself, Monday. Hope it doesn't turn anyone off.


DubLiMan said...

You said - "I guess it comes to a point where people have to re-think their priorities: real Life vs Blogging - what's more important?
And another question comes to mind: if we dedicate so much time to our blogs, to interacting with people we don't physically know...what is missing in our lives? Do we feel that void? (note that I am not saying that this is your case; I am just expanding the universe of your theme...I am sure that there are people who can relate with these questions)"
You hit the nail on the head in regards to me, very insightful!!!
As others have indicated; in the blog world there is far less judgment and, it seems, a lot more honesty and understanding. It is easy to see why many of us, to some degree, prefer this world to the "real" world.

As far as your "CAVES" quotient goes, you may want to increase the "S" factor. It seems that your blog will, hopefully, be the cause of a promotion and more money.

Thank you for participating.

DubLiMan said...

You have a very interesting "CAVES" quotient. With your "V" factor almost non-existent. In reading what you write and how you write it, I would have to agree. Thank you for your participation.

DubLiMan said...

Very, very insightful and brutally honest. You have no idea how much this increases my understanding of why you blog, and I have to say, my respect for you! I think, this will turn more people on to your site. This won't turn anyone off. In fact, I just subscribed to your feed.

Thank your for your participation!

Moooooog35 said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Likewise, I've subscribed to your feed as well. must get back to writing my raisin story...

Have a great weekend everyone. Go Red Sox! (up 2 game to none, I don't think they need my wishes)


Sindi said...


Very interesting thoughts, nice blog. I would like to know where pure boredom would fall in your categories.

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for participating. You asked about "pure boredom." I think that you pretty well nailed it with your scores of V-8 & S-9. Without getting all psychoanalytical on you, the need for Validation and to feel powerful (S) pretty well describes it,

Anonymous said...

C- 5
A- 6
V- 8
E- 1
S- 5

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for participating. Maybe one day I will come up with what all of this means.

NafaSg said...

Hi Mel!

Thank u so very much for inviting us in this conversation. This is really exciting! The topic that u have brought up here is simply worth talking about.

For us, we blog in the hopes of improving the lives of our global community. We do so by posting up informative tips and articles which we feel can benefit everyone as a whole. We have always had the passion to share our knowledge to the rest of the world based on our various areas of study, and we know that blogging is the most effective way to help us achieve that. We would even extend our helping hand to our friends who are in need of help by spreading the word in our site on behalf of them. Simply said, we blog for the betterment of our global community.

As requested, here is our CAVES rating:

C - 8
A - 10
V - 7
E - 5 but it may change depending on the opportunities that come in along the way. But we're not too obsessive about it!
S - 8

Again, thank u so much for inviting us. Put up more of such articles ok? Looking forward to them! =)

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for your insights. I like knowing more about you and what makes you tick. From what I have seen, you definitely perform a valuable community (the world community) service. I am proud to be one of your "certified partners." If anyone deserves a 10 on the "A" factor it's you.

I will be writing more articles like this....I have few germinating right now based on some of the comments I have received. It's kind of funny how a blog will take on a life of its own. It's like a child that grows and develops based on parent (author) guidance. With the right guidance a blog can really make a difference.

aussiecynic said...

Hi all

Hmmm My ratings and or reasonings for blogging!

1 Cathartic possibly but for the shared experience... more a form of release..... 4

2 Altruistic yes I would agree here .....3

3 Validation this is a human condition more to do with exceptance ...5

4 Can be a motivation but for me this is a ....2

5 Strength yes being a popular blog can give a power to the author they my not have in real life so this would have ...4

Great topic btw..

DubLiMan said...

Hi AC,
Thanks for your participation. I find your scores to be rather interesting; in that 5 for V is your highest. I would be interested in finding out what your driving force for blogging is.

Rose said...

I started my first blog (I have quite a few now) about working from home because I found that so many people were interested in the fact that I worked from home. They couldn't possibly see how someone could actually be able to work from home without falling prey to one of those work at home scams.

At the time that I started this first blog it was a few years ago - and being able to work from home has changed quite a bit. More and more people are working from home now and they are doing it legitimately! There are writers and artists and even bloggers now who work from home exclusively.

I wanted to dispel the myth that there was some sort of "secrecy" involved with being able to work from home. I wanted to show people that they themselves may have the ability to work from home doing something that they love.

I only got into the "money" part of being able to earn money with my blog but I do have to admit that its secondary to showing people that they may actually be able to work from home and do work that they love.

I have since started other blogs too. A few personal and the others I started just out of major concern for some of the problems that are going on as far as people and their finances go. Being able to sustain one's self financially is becoming increasingly hard and we have to find ways that we all can thrive!

Anonymous said...

C - 9 (helps me sort through my ideas and develop material for longer articles for elsewhere)
A - 7 (I do want to make a difference, but I think in truth I lean more toward helping myself through catharsis(
V - 3. Don't really need it; have other sources of it. But it is nice to get an occasional comment that tells me I reached someone
E - 0. (I'm resisting the urge to laugh uncontrolably):)
S - 9. I feel like this a major way for me to get important ideas out there.

Good post, good idea, very cathartic!

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for your views and your participation. I also began with a high "E" factor, but the blogging itself took over and the "E" factor has dramatically decreased.

DubLiMan said...

Making money at blogging (Adsence type of adds) is a joke. All it does is clutter up the blog and diminish the blog content. There are a few blogs out there, the more popular ones, that earn earn some directly.

I appreciate your completing the "CAVES" quotient.

Champ said...

Really impressed the way you have expressed all these. It shows how you are devoted to blogging. YES blogging is some type addict for some, wanting to know how others react, putting, sharing & expressing one's view. When you share your good thoughts to the world, it gives you immense pleasure, a satisfaction which can be felt within.
Continue your good work.

Anonymous said...

C= 17- I blog because I am frequently incensed at SOMETHING. Anything around me. American Politics, our education system- in which my wife works, or any of a a number of things. I've found that standing in the middle of a park screaming "Do you NEED a V8, you prick?!?!" doesn't go over well. So I blog to burn some of that up.
A= 9 I don't know if I like the word "altruistic" for it. It's more for me. My family is fairly scattered and I actually began blogging to keep in touch better with them. Sounds altruistic until you realize that I was simply too lazy to actually call mom, dad, brother, grandfolks, etc so I just throw it out there and see if they grab on.
V= 3 Being an astonishingly self-assured person, I don't seek much validation outside my wife and close friends. That and my blog has rarely if ever gotten many comments and it hasn't slowed me down.
E= 4 Someday I'd like to earn money off my writing but not off my blog. So I suppose we could look at blogging as practice. But I have no desire to earn money off it.
S= I think I'm on the fence here. Part of me wants to give it another seventeen. Part of me wants to give it a two. I've always said that if you have the time and energy to complain about something, you have the time and energy to change it. I don't think of my blog as activism and if something is within my realm of influence, I would much prefer DOING something than blogging about it.

So yeah... that's that.

DubLiMan said...

You have me thinking here. There are a few comments, including yours that discusses the need for Communication. In your case, communication with family and friends, in others the need to communicate because of circumstance such as living in a foreign country. I have to give this some more thought. My first reaction is to lump it in with the Cathartic need with a touch of validation, but it may need it's own category.

Your comments on "A" lead me to think that you may be mixing up Altruism with Validation. If it's more for you then Validation fits better.

In regards to "S", my view there is that blogging is doing can actually be "call to arms" in a sense.

Thanks for your views.

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for you kind words and your views.

Cliff said...

Thanks for inviting me over for this study.

I blog because it gives me a voice that I have control over. I am a one time broadcast student who has always had enough of an ego to want to be heard.

I was inspired to start blogging by a blog called Ohio Media Watch, which was started by a poster who participated in several message boards which I also participated in.

My blog helps me express myself in many subjects, and in doing so helped me to make several friends in the past 13 months.

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for participating. It seems that a universal consistency in blogging is having a voice that can (depending on our content and ability to market our blog) be heard.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

That was pretty insightful. I dropped by fro Diamonds Sapphires page. I first started blogging just to see what the fuss was all about and in time t got me hooked. I guess it's cos of all the great new friends I've made and also the chance to see how the other half of the planet lives ...

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for dropping by and contributing to this discussion. You have brought up an interesting twist in mentioning "curiosity." Blogging is both writing and reading. However, for the purpose of this discussion, I am definitely focusing on the writing aspects of blogging. I should have been clearer in that respect. However, you do have me thinking.

Sugarqueensdream said...

I blog because I have to do something with the voices in my head...... Really its a way of working out life's little issues.

DubLiMan said...

Sugar Queen,
Thank you for your participation. Your comments have pretty much solidified for me that I need to add one more category and that's "Communication." Some of us seem to have the need to communicate with others, not necessarily for validation or cathartic reasons, but just the need for contact; family and friends, counteract loneliness, and "working out life's little issues."

Oswegan said...

I'd have to say for me, I really just started out because there were some things I wanted to complain about that were going on in my neighborhood and I was becoming more actively involved in the community.

But then I also started writing stories and political commentary and other types of nonsense that I found funny and began dusting off my thousands of digital and traditional photographs and putting them on the site - and it was like peanut butter and chocolate after that.

I really want to tell my stories for the later generations in my family because I have been blessed with a very rich history and ancestry and I want to keep that going - plus I'll forget about all these stories in my head if I don't write them.

I also want to be a photographer (like duh, if you've seen the site) and I want to build an audience for that - not necessarily a market - I would claim to only want to be an artist, but, I don't want to do the lawyer thing forever, so . . .

Anyway, if I have to do the thing it would be something like this:

C – 10 - history and story telling - me like;

A – 3-4 Maybe I would like to help people with photoshop - I haven't thought about it much;

V – 10 - Who doesn't like to be validated;

E – 0 - Got enough to survive, and a good job - "yawn";

S - 8 - Make it a better place baby!

And, really I have to add one and not sure what to call - just don't try to squeeze it in because it's something else.

It's the reeses factor - the "hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" and "It tastes great!" factor.

It is a medium in and of itself that I use to create a new art form for myself.


DubLiMan said...

I like the concept of a reeses factor, but I don't think it quite fits as a category of it's own. I feels it is a combination of "C" and "V" with a touch of "S".

Oswegan said...

CVS . . . mmmm, peanut butter cups.

DubLiMan said...

Hey Oswegan,
Yummm, I like the way you think.

linda said...

I use the blog as a diary I suppose. One day I will forget the trivial things that made up my days. I have previously kept a journal but to be able to write on the computer is much easier.
My reasons for blogging are:

Altruistic - I like the thought that if I peg it or get Alzheimers there is a daily blab for my son and husband to read later on. Might be nice for them or family later on to read my day to day musings.
Cathartic - no, not really. I long ago did the "offload" thing.
Validation - yes. Although I can be validated by junk mail in my letterbox as well
Earnings - no
Strength - no, I don't think I have anything particularly powerful to say

I think I like the idea that other people may find me remotely interesting so I suppose there is some ego factor there. If no-one reads my blog or posts a comment it does make me wonder if I wrote something of poor quality. And so I do try to think about what I am writing without restricting my thoughts.

I just like doing it.

Sandee said...

1. (2) I don't need to share experiences and really don't very often.

2. (1) I don't have that type of site.

3. (2) I don't need to feel validated. I've already earned all the validation that I need. Okay, I'm not a needy person either.

4. (0) Making money has not been of interest to me. It requires work and I'm not willing to do that much work anymore.

5. (2) I have no desire to effect change. I just want to goof off.

Bottom line for me, I just love playing around on the computer. I have lots of very close friends and that is my main goal for blogging. That interaction with folks from all over the world.

Hope this adds to your mix Mel. Have a great day. :)

DubLiMan said...

Thank you for your input. You have added fuel to my thoughts of adding a category such as Communication. I see an online diary as a tool of communication.

I love your validation comment.

DubLiMan said...

Leave it to you to come up with something different; as simple as the fun factor. I will be revisiting this within a week of two and revamping my CAVES analysis. Thanks to the wonderful responses I will probably be adding 2 additional categories:
1. Communication
2. Fun
These two would probably get high scores from you.

Fun can definitely be viewed as independent of the other factors.

You may want to reconsider your "S" score. Making people laugh can be based in Strength. You are changing their moods and the way they look at life.

Sister2brother said...

"Adsense is a joke"

I'm sorry but as someone who does Adsense Consulting I would definitely have to disagree with what you said above.

I will agree that there are some sites that use adsense (and any other affiliated-related kind of ad program that is out there) ads to the extreme but like anything else there are those sites that use it rather classy-like.

Adsense isn't a "joke" to those that are making money with it and to some of them that money is much needed and appreciated.

Since I do this kind of consulting I can tell you that you can have the "best of both worlds" by having both a blog and adsense ads on it.

DubLiMan said...

As I have stated in my post, I do not have a fragile ego. It just seems that Adsense clutters up a blog and neither me not anyone that I know ever click on it, except by accident.

I am willing to be convinced otherwise. As you have seen my "E" quotient is a 3 and could go higher.

Either way, thank you for your comments.

Sophiagurl said...

I don't know if I'm too late to participate but I blog mostly because I like to write about things that happen in my life and finding people who share the same ideas and share their own is what I look forward to here the most.

Like you I find myself running towards my laptop as soon as I get home from work and checking out my site and blog about what happened in my day, it's like seeking the solace of an old friend as you also put it.

If you want to make a poll or sorts you may want to visit this site and create one.

God bless!

DubLiMan said...

It's never to late to participate in this discussion. I hope this goes on for a very long time.

Thank you for your input!!

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