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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Your Mission Makes Itself Known Through Your Passions

If you have read me previous posts then you know that I am very big on the use of passion to accomplish attitude changes and that I am also big on taking control of your own life. The other day I came across this essay that I though was very interesting. Please read it and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Personally, I'm torn; it sounds like destiny, and I'm not sure that I agree with that. However, it also makes a lot of sense.

Your Mission Makes Itself Known Through Your Passions

By Ineke Van Lint, psychologist a spiritual and educational coach

We’ve all come to earth with a unique mission. This is a special assignment. How can you find it? Your mission can be found inside yourself. It has been “imprinted” in your soul long before you were born. You can find clues about your mission by looking to your natural interests. Your mission is connected to your passions, your preferences, your spontaneous interests, and your desires. Looking at what attracts you, over different periods of your life, gives you important clues about what your mission is in this life.

There are certain connections between the significant events of your life. These connections may not be noticeable at first glance, because you’re probably too busy running around and doing all kinds of things that have nothing to do with your mission. The following exercise helps you find the common theme in your life, and to classify different components of your life.

Answer the following questions for the three main periods in your life: childhood – adolescence – adulthood.

  1. What did you like doing when you were a child, a teenager, an adult? What were your favorite activities?
  2. Where did your natural interest flow towards during each of these life periods?
  3. Towards what kind of people did you feel naturally attracted to in each of these periods?
  4. Towards what kind of places did you feel naturally attracted in each of these periods?
  5. Towards what kind of books did you feel naturally attracted in each of these periods?
  6. What was your natural drive during these periods?

Try to find the key, the common factor in your answers. What is the unifying element during your life span? Do you see the connected dots; the leading element? There is one, that’s for sure. Try to find it: it’s important! Completing this summary will assist you in choosing the future course of your life with more awareness. This enables you to become the creator of your own life:

  1. What kind of books do you want to read in your future?
  2. What kind of people do you want to meet?
  3. What places do you want to visit?
  4. What kind of activities do you want to do?
  5. Which passion do you want to follow?
  6. What still drives you, what do you absolutely want to do before your life comes to an end?

Without being aware of it, you have already been busy from time to time accomplishing your mission. Your mission makes itself known through the things that naturally attract you, that interest you, that automatically motivate you. Your mission also makes itself known through your dreams, desires and passions.

Some other questions to help you find out about your passions and your dreams:

  1. If your life were a book, what would be the title?
  2. What would be the title of the current chapter?
  3. What would be the title of the previous chapter, and of the following one?
  4. What would be the end of the book?

Write down the last paragraph of your life book. Once again, you can see that YOU determine the course your life. Be more active and consciously choose how you want to spend your days! Life is much more exciting like this, and you’ll notice you can really co-create your life! It’s better than passively drifting along, right?

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Are You Prepared For Success? (Section II - Installment #8 "It’s Never Too Late!” - Male and Female versions)

(If this is your first time on this site, please begin with "Are You Prepared For Success?" [Introduction])

It's Never Too Late!

You're no longer young. Are you past your prime?

The realization sets in. Are you running out of time?

You know what's needed, the changes you must make,

The direction you must go, there's so much at stake.

But your comfortable and content with the way you are.

Your "failings" are like friends, who don't stray too far.

It's really so easy, there's no effort required,

After all, by day's end, your so very tired.

You try and try and try and fail.

Over and over its the same old tale.

You search for a reason to make the change,

A life altering reason, for your world to rearrange.

Will you again rationalize your fears and not make a move?

Will you stay where you are, in that same old groove?

Or will you dare take a chance on what might be?

Do you have what it takes to really be free?

Your life will be different, no longer the same.

Look ahead with hope, don't look back in shame.

Your past wasn't a failure, a sham or a fake,

Don't look at your life as one big mistake.

Your past has a purpose, a reason for being.

It's what has prepared you for this time of seeing.

Your past was the groundwork for this step to take.

Your future is waiting. It's your decision to make.

There's no magic answer for you to discover,

No hidden secrets for you to uncover.

Don't look for guidance, the answer's in you.

You know what you need, you know what to do.

(An original Poem by Mel Kaye)

I strongly suggest that you write down your immediate reaction, after passionately reading this poem.

  • List the changes that you would like to make in order to move towards the future that you most desire.
    • Are you willing to make these changes?
By Mel Kaye
Copyright © MondayMorningPower, All rights Reserved

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