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Friday, June 15, 2007

Success Requirements, Apply Within, by Dwayne Gilbert

Winners don't wait for chances, they take them!

This article by Dwayne Gilbert is true, however, in my opinion, he oversimplifies the process. I believe that in order to obtain "success", which is everybody's right, you must be prepared....and not everyone is. Read this article and file it away until you are prepared. My series on "Are You Prepared For Success?" should be mandatory reading if you have any doubts whatever about your ability to "succeed." On the other hand, if you are truly "without doubt," then, as the article states, "Just Do It."

Following is Dwayne's:

If your like everyone else, there is more you want out of life. A sense of accomplishment and success that so few people get to realize in their lifetime. The positive side is that you can have, do, or be anything you want to be. The other side is that it really is fairly simple to have the life of your dreams. Not easy necessarily, but simple. The down side is that so few people are willing to do what it takes to discover that success for themselves.

There are only a handful of traits that you must develop within yourself to be able to discover the success you seek. With the right discipline in these areas and the constant application of the following principles, you cannot help but be success at anything you apply yourself to. Develop these concepts into habits, and the world will be at your command.

The first trait that is absolutely necessary for success is commitment. Just as getting married involves a commitment for it to be successful, everything else, including making money, involves a commitment. Most people fail at becoming wealthy or successful at anything simply because they do not have a commitment. They want something, but it is only a fancy for having it, not a deep seated desire. A desire that is so strong and so driving that they are willing to go through anything to get what they want. If we were to compare these desires to fires, successful people would have a burning desire for success
and what they want that would be equal to a forest fire taking up half the state of California. Most people are lucky to have a campfire for desire. Develop your desire to live the life of your dreams, and nothing can stop you.

The second thing that is necessary for you to be successful is to know what it is you want. Less than 5% of people out there take the time to write down what it is they want. Even fewer know exactly what it is they want and when they will have it. You must know what you want, and exactly when you want, period. You must write it down and review on a regular basis. If you don't you are on the quickest path to failure.

The third trait that so few people develop is a plan. Many people either do nothing, or just do anything. A good plan helps keep you on track with what you want to accomplish and where you want to go. It also allows you to know when corrections need to be made to keep on track and exactly where you are on the course. Just as a map lets you know what highway needs to be taken next to get from New York City to San Francisco. Without a map, one could just start traveling west, but it could takes weeks, or even months to get to California. Take the time to create a map to help you get to where you want to go, but leave it flexible enough for the inevitable bumps and detours that will happen.

The fourth trait necessary to have is a strong heart. No matter what path one takes, if it is outside the social norm of what others think is possible or acceptable, there will be criticism. There will always be nay-sayers. There will always be friends and family that think you dream to big. People who think you couldn't possibly have what you want, or that normal people could never be wealthy or happy. You must become like steel. You must take your mind away from these people and ignore everything they tell you. You must keep your eye on the prize and keep going no matter what. You must develop a desire and driving force that will blow past these sort of people.

The final trait necessary for success is action. So many people dream big, but never take a single step in the direction of accomplishment. A desire, a good plan, knowing what you want. All of that is useless and nothing more than pipe dreams if you don't take action toward accomplishing it. Taking action alone with a strong desire is all that is really necessary for success. However, a good plan and the ability to stay focused on the goal helps make the path quicker and easier. There are people who take no action, and people who do nothing but take action. Some people are really good at taking action, again and again and again. They start this, then they start something else, then they move onto another thing. Those types of people never get anything done either because they are always starting new projects. So get started, follow your plan, and stay the course. Be sure to do something every single day to move you closer to your goals.

So success is really that simple. Decide what it is you want and write it down. Review that list on a regular basis. Develop a driving force within yourself to have what you want out of this life, and refuse to settle for even 1% less than that. Develop a plan with specific dates for when you will get what you want, and work the plan. Develop the
ability to take your mind off of any negativity that could hamper your success. Become like solid steel and stand strong and firm for what you want and believe. Finally, take action on your dreams and goals. Don't hesitate, don't delay, don't even wait one second. Take action, and take it now. As Nike would say, just do it!


B. Ramana said...

FASCINATING! It is so important to know what one wants in life, rather than parrot or monkey the attitudes of other people, seeking comfort in an uncomfortable herd....
What you say deserves sayinng and MUST be heard again and again. Thanks for a great blog!
I reflect my own attitude in my own blog.
Do visit, and enjoy!

Monday Morning Power said...

To know oneself is critical, but developing the right attitude is where it all begins. With the right attitude, it make self discovery that much easier.


Isaiah said...

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