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Friday, July 6, 2007

Are You Prepared For Success? (Section II - Installment #7 "It Brings Down The Great" - Male and Female versions)

(If this is your first time on this site, please begin with "Are You Prepared For Success?" [Introduction])

Ominous and powerful, it brings down the great.

No ones immune, it doesn't discriminate.

It can't be held and it can't be seen.

But it leaves devastation wherever it's been.

Oh, the accolades you could have had

For all those accomplishments you wanted so bad.

But you let it in and you gave it life,

And it cut you down as if using a knife.

You knew what you wanted. You knew what to do.

Nothing could stop you, nothing, thought you.

Then you planted the seed and it grew so tall.

Nothing could stop it, nothing at all.

It grew stronger and stronger each and every day.

It destroyed everything that got in its way.

You cursed the day you gave it a name.

You tried to fight back, but in it came.

It consumed all it touched, even your dreams.

It left nothing behind, not even your screams.

And now that you know, you just want to shout,

"Don't ever give in to those first strands of doubt."

(An original Poem by Mel Kaye)

I strongly suggest that you write down your immediate reaction, after passionately reading this poem.

  • What doubts do you have about yourself or your abilities?
  • What could you have accomplished if you had no doubts?
By Mel Kaye
Copyright © MondayMorningPower, All rights Reserved

Go to Section II (Installment #8)


Karen said...

Hi ! Have changed my blog title and dedicated a post to you ! ( Post called Of Robert Browning and Napolean Hill).

Monday Morning Power said...


I am honored. Thank you.

Shinade said...

Hi Mel,
Thank you for contacting me about this.

It is something that I needed to hear also.

I think I shall be visiting your site more and more.


Monday Morning Power said...

It's funny how different we are perceived by others and how we see ourselves. I remember when I first starting blogging and I became aware of your site and you. You and your site were recognized as excellent, both by visiting your site and talking to other bloggers; yours was the one to emulate. Yet you see yourself as fragile and full of doubt. Jackie, you are the former, not the latter. We ALL have those doubts; some are just better at ignoring them and continue to strive for excellence.

Max said...

Hello Mel,

This is a great poem, my friend! Doubt, who doesn't do it sometimes? But what we do with it is the most important thing. Shall I doubt and allow it to stop me? Or shall I doubt and analyse the root for my doubt and act accordingly?
If I don't find a solution, then I design a new plan; if I doubt again then I must accept that my own fears are trying to sabotage me...I must fight, fight with all my might.

4 years ago I used to ask myself if I was up to the job I was hired to do. I can still remember that everybody had all these expectations about me, and I kept asking myself if whether they weren't seeing too much in me. I doubted myself, I doubted that I could be so good at what I do...

"What could you have accomplished if you had no doubts?" - well, in my case I have accomplished a lot of things even with my moments of doubt cause I fight my doubts, the mind finds mechanisms to fight them immediately (I can't explain how)!

Now, I am moving on to the next Section!


Monday Morning Power said...

Battling doubt is a constant battle. One of man's greatest fears is that "the world will discover that I am a phony." We have such tendencies to doubt ourselves.

Max said...


It is so true: we do have the tendency to doubt's silly! But I guess it is all part of being a human being *shrugging*! However I must confess that we can learn a lot of things from our struggles, and become stronger too!

Always a pleasure to dialogue with you, my friend :D!

Monday Morning Power said...

It all stems to childhood and the type of parenting that the child experienced. In a nurturing environment where the parents instill confidence and support, doubt is usually not an issue. However, in most households, in varying degrees, the opposite is usually the case. It was my grasp of that concept that convinced me to write this process; to help people overcome the damaging effects of childhood.

Max said...


You are so right: many families "damage" their kids for life with little negative sentences.

I have noticed that people don't realise that by saying certain things they are condemning others to faillure (in the worse cases)! I have an endless list of examples of these kind of sentences; and it is just sad to see what they do to people, how they mould their life *nodding*!

You do well to share this with those who, unfortunately, were exposed to negative speeches! May God bless you, my friend :D!