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Saturday, August 4, 2007

How To Create Your 'Magical' Vision Board - And Make Your Dreams Come True!

Here is another very simple but useful concept in attaining your dreams. I use a form of this concept myself.

How To Create Your 'Magical' Vision Board - And Make Your Dreams Come True!

By: Tiat Leong Ang

We all have dreams. Rosy dreams, big dreams, happy dreams. Far too often, that's all they remain, as we stumble through life struggling with our every day realities, as time flies by. And suddenly, it's too late - and you're looking back at your past, wondering what might have been.

Don't let that happen to you. Create your own magical vision board - and help create the reality you've always dreamed of... starting today.

But... What Is a 'Vision Board'?

Even though the name seems forbidding to the uninitiated, it is really a simple thing.

Your vision board is a collection of your dreams - in the form of pictures, photographs, magazine clippings, bank statements and more - all of which are pictorial representations of your ambitious dreams and long-term goals. Arrange this rich collection on a board to create a collage, a 'Vision' of what you want to attract into your life.

But what is your vision board really for? What is its purpose?

It's deep, simple and powerfully effective. Do you remember how, as children, you collected posters of your favorite stars and heroes, pictures of beautiful homes, animals and baseball cards, many other things that you found fascinating, loved or wished to have. You probably put them up on walls, wardrobes and lockers where you could see them every day.

As children we intuitively knew more about a vision board than we do as adults. These symbols helped us visualize what we wanted to attract into our lives. But we were blissfully unaware of their power. If somebody had told us that we were using the "Vision board" to entrain the "Law of Attraction", we would have laughed.

Yet, you surrounded yourself with these images. And it's startling just how often you see people ending up having many of these things in their reality years later. The imagery conditioned your sub-consciously to work towards attracting them into your life.

Your vision board acts a visual representation of what you want in your life or what you want to become in the future. The concept is so simple yet so powerful.

But many of us forget. Until we are reminded of it. Sometimes it happens by accident. Or maybe its a story someone tells us about the 'Law of Attraction. Or maybe it's a book like "The Secret" that helps us realize what we have forgotten about the vision board.

Everyone needs to see a video of "The Secret". It is an awesome representation of the power of the Vision Board in action. It will help you move from just dreaming to taking action. It's that powerful.

So, are you ready to get started on creating your own Vision Board today?

It can be lot of fun.

Find a board. Anything will do - white board, cardboard, or cork. If you big dreams, get big boards!

Pick up a bunch of magazines, newspapers, old books, old photographs. Hunt out the clippings that you have collected from your childhood, those pictures that you have put away in your shoe box.

Before starting out on your vision board, write in great detail about your dreams or goals, the ones you want to achieve in your life. Every detail is important, so don't miss out anything. For example if you want to buy your dream home - write down all about it, like the location you'd prefer most, the number of rooms, bedrooms, bath, jacuzzi, bathtubs, marble floors, driveways, swimming pool - every little detail about the home of your dreams. Imagine the colors on the walls, the type of doors and windows, the curtains, the kitchen, everything.

Visualize every detail about living in your home. Experience it all, the smell, the textures, the feel. Yes, you need to dream in the greatest detail to get the greatest impact from your vision board.

Find the pictures that closely match your dreams or goals from your magazine stack. Cut them out. Snip away the unwanted details. Just retain the portion you are interested in.

Find pictures that emotionally charge you up. Your pictures should stimulate you visually, mentally, maybe even spiritually.

Organize your pictures so they form meaningful images and represent your goals or dreams. Don't put too many, or you'll clutter it up. You can have as many vision boards as you like. You could begin with a main vision board with the major details in it. Have a note book where you can paste all the minor details.

Next, get some glue or board pins. Fix your pictures on the board

Place your vision board where you can frequently look at it and recharge yourself mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

It's important for you look at your vision board many times daily, so that you fix the images in your brain and attract them in your life.


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

I love your site! Attitude is most certainly everything and so worthy of its own web site! I recieved a wonderful gift today. You stopped by my site!

I would be honored to swap links with you and will promptly put you on my blogroll. :))

Thank you for what you are doing!


A Nice Place In The Sun

Monday Morning Power said...


Thank you for your kind comments. You actually made me blush.

Mad goat lady said...

What a great site!

Thankyou so much for stopping by and offering me support.

Like I said in my post, I usually have a very positive attitude too but sometimes when things get on top of you it is very easy to lose focus.

I have added you to my blog roll, I want all my friends to find your fantastic site too :)

Nicole said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my Blog, A Modern Goddess in Hong Kong.

I agree, attitude is everything and if you've got a positive and good attitude, 1/2 your battle is done.

I have a vision board and it sits above my desk where I can glance at it daily. I also have a Mind Movie, you can check it out here:-

I play my mind movie daily as well.

Thanks for asking about link love, I have added you to my links. Keep up the great work you're doing.

Blessings, to you.

Tiat said...


It is great and I am truly humbled to see my article being reproduced here.

There are many more great articles that we have put up at my blog and perhaps you can visit for more ideas and sharing!

Thanks and abundance always!