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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Proudest Moment of my Life

I was tagged by Max to state the proudest moment of my life. I have been sitting on this for a couple of weeks now; not being able to complete it. I just realized why....I can't come up with a single answer; I have so may proud moments. Therefor I am going to invoke an author's creative prerogative and state the proudest moments of my life, in chronological order order.

  • The day I graduated college (there were times that I had my doubts that I would make it.)
  • The day I got married "she actually said "yes!"
  • Each of the days my three kids were born. (I was there on all three occasions, and in the delivery room for two.)
  • Each time my oldest scored a basket in High School Basketball games.
  • When my middle boy received scholastic awards; there were many.
  • Each of the days my three kids graduated high school.
  • The days my two oldest boys graduated college (San Diego State and Berkley.)
  • My daughter is scheduled to graduate college in June of 08 which will mean that each of my three kids will have graduated in 4 years......I an VERY proud of that feat.
  • The day my oldest graduated from the ROTC and became a Lt. in the army and what his commanding officer said about his character.
  • The day my oldest graduated from Ranger Training from Fort Benning, GA and a number of the other graduates came over to him and said "thank your for helping me. Without your help I wouldn't have made it through the training."
  • The day my oldest left for his first tour of duty in Iraq (also the scariest day of my life.)
  • The day my middle child, apparently, became the youngest person to be made Senior Publicist. (He works at a major publishing house in NY.)
  • Each and every day any of my kids walks though my front door.
  • Whenever any of my kid's friends speak of them; always complimentary.
  • My daughter goes to San Francisco State University, a very liberal school. She has maintained her own views in spite of what the teachers of school has to say. I am very proud of that fact. She remains her own person.
My oldest is Garrett, my middle is Matt, and my youngest is Stephanie.

I do believe that I have many proud moments left in my life........MANY!


Max said...


The waiting was definitely worthwhile!!! Congratulations: you are obviously a proud family man (and you have the reasons to be so) *bowing*!

This was the most beautiful meme I have ever read (and I have read a few) *clap clap clap*!

I particularly loved when you said that you were proud when your wife said "yes" *tender face* (don't be surprised: I am going to get married next year lol)!
May God continue to bless you throughout your life, deserve it :)!

Thanks for having participated :)!


Monday Morning Power said...

CONGRATULATIONS on you upcoming nuptials. BTW, you did tell me that. LUCKY GUY!!!!

Again, I love your comments!!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Well, Mel, that’s a lot to be proud of—a full life to date. May you add many more to the list in coming years.

Sarge Charlie said...

I feel your pride when I read this, your kids have made you proud. My daughter graduated from U. San Diago, she never recovered. You have reason to be proud.

Amel's Realm said...

WOW...such accomplishments! YOU SHOULD be proud of yourself. :-))))

Raising kids in today's world isn't easy...hearing your kids' friends or superiors say good things about them must be really rewarding!!! ;-))))

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you for the sentiment.

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you. When you say that your daughter never recovered, I assume you mean from the liberal brainwashing??

Monday Morning Power said...

Yep, that's the best.....hearing what great kids they are from others.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

All wonderful things Mel. The best things in life are our families. Have a great day. :)

Monday Morning Power said...


Daszzle said...

Aww, that's fantastic. I almost got teary reading them all. I'm so happy for you... and what a wonderful family you have. I've created a little something I'd like for you to have. Check out my site for the details :).

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you. I will be right over.

lilifxt said...

hi u really should be proud u achieved many great things in your life and i hope for u all the best and more proud moments


coltfan said...

I added myself to directory . thank you once again for button.

moooooog35 said...

Speaking of being tagged, I have a thread on my site that I didn't tag you for...but that you'd probably have a good post for.

Swing by...check it out...have at it.

Monday Morning Power said...

I'll take a look.

Marja said...

That is certainly a list to be very proud of. Congrats for your successes. May many follow.

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you....I am a proud papa.

darlene said...

wow, these are amazing moments....and we can see how very proud you are....and you definatly should be...warmed my heart to read this....;-)

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you for reading them and sharing in my pride.