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Monday, June 23, 2008

Are You Prepared For Success? (Section III - Installment #14 "The Secret of Happiness” – Male & Female versions)

(If this is your first time on this site, you may want to begin with "Are You Prepared For Success?" [Introduction])

If you are a regular reader of my Empowerment Process please read the Section II version of this poem first; then read this version.

The Secret Of Happiness

If happiness is what I am looking for
There are no great mysteries for me to explore,
No oceans to swim or mountains to climb.
No searching until the ends of time.

Happiness is not found in what I possess
Nor does it lie on the road to success.
Having someone to love is great, that's for sure.
But it takes more than love for happiness to endure.

To have achieved my goals is a wonderful feeling
But that in itself is not that appealing.
The victory is mine, the race is won,
But without knowing happiness, I've only begun.

Happiness will be mine, because I now see
Just how easy attaining it really can be.
Whether I'm poor or whether I'm rich,
Young or old, it doesn't matter which.

Plain or pretty, skinny or fat,
Kind of heart or a low-down rat,
Healthy or sick, educated or not
I will just be grateful for what I've got.

The more gratitude that I express
The more I'll enjoy each and every success.
All I need is to have the right attitude.
For happiness is the attitude of gratitude.

(An Original Poem by Mel Kaye)
I strongly suggest that you write down your immediate reaction, after passionately reading this poem.
• How will you express gratitude for what you have?

Copyright © MondayMorningPower, All rights Reserved


Mariuca said...

Hola Mel! I have something for you at my blog, congrats!

vicy said...

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Mimi Lenox said...

Gratitude can reel you in and cause you to regain perspective while going through almost anything negative. Nice poem.

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Mariuca,
I'll be right over.

Monday Morning Power said...

I took a look.....very creative and colorful. Nice job.

Monday Morning Power said...

That was a very nice way of stating it. You, obviously, get it!!

All said...

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i beati said...

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Max said...

Hello Mel,

The poem written in the first person is more powerful than the previous section, isn't it?
I always wanted to ask you something (don't answer unless you want to): your ability to write poetry, is it innate or did you study poetry/literature?

I express my gratitude through prayer, through simple gestures, through words (I tell people how grateful I am for this or that, for example; specially in my family) and through "" :D!


Monday Morning Power said...

I came over but couldn't find it. I'll try again later.


Monday Morning Power said...

I have always enjoyed writing poetry, however, I have never taken any courses in it. My OCD side dictates that my poetry has to rhyme, so I am stuck with only one style, with lots of variations of course. In my view, though, poetry is rhyme. If it doesn't rhyme it should be called something else.

This process was written over a 10 year period. Whenever life would get me down I took it upon myself to lift myself back up. And writing this process and the poems always seemed to accomplish that. When I started I had no idea where I was going with it. Then it seemed to take on a life of its own.

I think I told you before that this site became a reality because I felt that I needed to share this process with others. Then as projects seem to do, the site itself has taken on its own form and seems to be a staging area for other projects.

Max said...


LOL Ah, if you were in Portugal, we would call you a "purist" [purista, in Portuguese] (poets who defend rhyming poetry; as opposed to free poetry).
Well, write superbly :D!

OCD? I came to believe that everybody suffers from some sort of OCD, so nevermind...

Yes, I remember that conversation...and Mel, it turned out to be a terrific project, within other projects!
And I am so glad that you decided to share it with us, my friend (I think you also said that your son encouraged you to do it); thank you :D!

You are the joy of the blogosphere :D!