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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Wolves.


There is a story that I heard today, that I just had to re-tell.  I hope I get it right.

There was this little boy who was acting out, being destructive and just being naughty.  He was in a room with his Granfather.  The Grandfather took his Grandson aside and told him that he understood what the boy was doing and that he had done the very same thing when he was young.

So the little boy asked what he meant.

The Grandfather said that he had two wolves in his head.  One was a good and kind wolf who was considerate of other people, honest and always tried to do the right thing.  The other was a bad wolf who was, destructive, mean, dishonest and always got in trouble.  He then told his Grandson that they were always fighting to see who would win.

The little boy, fascinated, said "which wolf won?"

The Grandfather said the the wolf that won was the wolf that I fed.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yep, it's the one you feed alright. Excellent. Have a great day Mel. :)

PinoyApache said...

This is an old Apache story to keep their children from misbehaving. I am of their kind.

SlogBite said...

Hi Sandee,

SlogBite said...

Hi Pinoyapache,
I did not know it's origins. Thank your for letting me know!!

Holy Cuteness said...

What happened to the big bang?
I can't find it anymore?

Livingsword said...

Wolves are a very much misunderstood animal…they are wonderful animals except for the ones that wear sheep costumes…

SlogBite said...

Holy Cuteness,
Sorry, I had the Big Bag in draft mode. It's back now.

SlogBite said...

Yes, it is the human wolf that we must be aware of.

Max said...

Hello Mel,

Loved this story! It is a great lesson for kids (& adults)!

Indeed we are what we choose to be. I believe we all have two sides, a bad and a good one, but the final decision on which one will prevail lies entirely upon us to make. I call this accountability for our decisions and actions.


SlogBite said...

Absolutely.........I totally agree with your "accountability for our decisions and actions"

Livingsword said...


SlogBite said...

Do I detect a wolf in sheep's clothing??

Max said...

LS & Mel,


Are you back in sheep mode, LS? You know you are impossible to handle when you are like this...

Barnabas said...

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