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Friday, November 9, 2007

Are You Prepared For Success? (Section II - Installment #34 "Once the Goal is Reached…” – Male & Female versions)

There is no greater force than the force of a man determined

(If this is your first time on this site, you may want to begin with
"Are You Prepared For Success?" [Introduction])

Once the Goal is Reached…

Once the lesson is learned and the goal is achieved,
Its easy to slip back to what you once believed,
But remember the effort that got you here;
What it took and what you did to overcome your fear.

The temptation to revert to what you once knew
May be strong, but know that it’s no longer you.
The battle for control between you and your past
Must be won day by day for the progress to last.

The process of growth is a journey, my friend.
Nobody, in fact, ever reaches the end.
If you continue to learn and continue to grow,
Then happiness and success is what you will know.

Be strong, don't look back at failures and fears.
Be assured, it gets easier as you go through the years.
The lessons you've learned must be renewed every day.
Believe in yourself so you don't lose your way.

Be firm of conviction, be confident and strong
You will know what to do, you will know if it’s wrong.
You are your own cornerstone, you know how to win.
Never give up and never give in.

Life is worth living, so give it your all.
Believe in yourself, be proud and stand tall.
Have faith and know that the answer's in you.
Go forth and don't hesitate, live life anew.

(An Original Poem by Mel Kaye)

I strongly suggest that you write down your immediate reaction, after passionately reading this poem.
  • What do you plan on doing to maintain the attitude changes, once they are achieved?

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Shinade said...

I am writing down my immediate reaction here. I have reached much further than I ever dreamed with my blog.

And, as of late I have been letting doubt creep in and fear that I can't keep it up. When in reality I know that it is the old "I don't deserve this" voice talking to me.

Thank you Mel for helping to remember not to throw away what I have worked so hard for.

Monday Morning Power said...

Do not let those old voices back in. Your blog is amazing. The best way to keep the old doubts away is to continue to strive to do better. Always aim for improvement.

Sindi said...

The poem was great. I loved it. I know I will never go back to the way I was in the past because I love who I am now to much.I just hope I can keep this good attitude about my life. I have read some of your other poems and I think they are very good. Smile:) You are an insperation to us all.

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you Sindi. It's comments like your that keeps me going.

zunnur said...

Hi Mel,
This is a great poem, well done!
When I was away on my long break, I thought of giving up blogging but inspiration from my friends has caused me to come back :-)

"The battle for control between you and your past
Must be won day by day for the progress to last."
- very well said, I'm very much impressed with these words. I think that one of the most difficult hurdles in life is to shrug free from the grip of the past.

Monday Morning Power said...

This is what the entire "Process," that I am writing about in installments, is all about. May I suggest that you go to the beginning and read through the entire "process." I am about 2/3rd complete, In about 2 weeks I will start posting the final section which will bring it all home.

Marja said...

Excellent job again Mel. I experience it lots of times that I see myself doing things while another part of me watches in disbelief. It takes a long time to adjust to a new self

Monday Morning Power said...

As usual, you have nailed it. Yest, it takes a long time as your old self wantches in disbelief as you new self accomplishes. So the battle must be faught each and every day for progress to stay.

Shinade said...

Mel thank you so much for all of this. I may not get by everyday but when I do I am certainly uplifted and renewed!!

Please stop by if you have a chance. I think you have a wonderful blog that has so much to give and that is why I have this to give to you.

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you. I'll be right over to get it.

Max said...


This is absolutely beautiful! I loved this poem (if I may: the most beautiful one I have read from you) *bowing*. The image swept me away too :).

I get you when you say that we have to seek balance between the past and present: one must never forget past mistakes, but must never linger in them; instead one should recognise where it went wrong, and try to make the opposite in the future. This isn't always easy, for one has the tendency to repeat the same mistakes, right? But as you said "day by day" one can do it, and thus allow the progess to last :).

The process of growth is indeed everlasting. There are those who think that they are too grown (old) to learn, but it isn't so...we learn until we die.
Be confident, be firm in your convictions, strong and listen to your inner voice: one will be less wrong :).
"Never give up nor in" is my motto *rubbing my hands* lol.
"Believe in yourself, be proud and stand tall." - exactly my thoughts!!!

What do I plan? Let me see...since I have plenty of attitude (in school the teachers always told me "Max, keep your head lower! Don't walk so proudly!" - how silly is that; my own teachers trying to turn me into a loser lol), all I can do is try to balance myself so I won't let it go to my head, know what I am saying? I almost make sure that despite my ambitions, and attitute, I always treat others decently (humans are my passion, so I treat them with love) :).

As always, Mel, I utterly adored participating in this section :).


Monday Morning Power said...

I had no doubts that you would get it. You've always had it. In reference to your comment about your teachers, just because someone is your "teacher" it doesn't mean that they "can" or "should" teach. The individual has to decide in the end what is worth learning and what needs to be cast aside.