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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Company Logos

How company logos will look when the crisis is finally over.


Michelle Dawn said...

LOL those are funny!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SlogBite said...



Max said...

LOL Hey Mel,

LOL LOL I like the fading "Xerox" (no more printing ink, eh?) LOL *nodding*...

"Nokia, disconnecting people" LOL LOL this is a great one!

Poor Nike logo LOL LOL

"Will work for food" this one has so many interpretations...and some of them sad...

"LG, Life's tough" LOL LOL so true!

The Ferrari and Ford (fail) ones are also rather creative.

"Down Jones" LOL LOL LOL there's where all began going down...

"Crisisler" ROFL...

"Bad Year" oh yeah...

The nibbled apple is mean, man LOL LOL

"2M" where did the third go? LOL

This was great, Mel! It's good to see this blog back to work ;D!


SlogBite said...

Hi Max,

Right now I am just keeping it alive until I get SB in full motion. Then I will post more frequently here. I still have the rest of my "Success" series to post.

Max said...


I confess that I miss the "Success" series...but do your thing; we can wait :D!

gdenarayana said...

that was interisting :D

coltfan said...

great Mel! those were hilarious but true lol

Waterrose said...

OH my! Those say it all. (i found you from Maitri's blog, which I've been reading for a long time) Glad I found you!

SlogBite said...


I may try and link this more closely to SB, down the road aways.

SlogBite said...

gdenarayana, Interesting and then some....

SlogBite said...


Thanks, and maybe next year fore the Colts.

SlogBite said...

I'm glad you found me too. Now you need to go over to SlogBite and join up.

Max said...


How so?

SlogBite said...


I'm not sure yet. I just haven't had enough time to think it through. There is still so much more to do on SB. One of my SB goals is to make SB a community gathering spot, with approximately 1,000 communities (categories). There is so much in the hopper, that if I told you, it would make your head explode (LOL)

Max said...

LOL LOL LOL oh, and we wouldn't want my head to explode, now would we? LOL

Seriously...I hear you! It is a lot of work, but SB is coming out sweetly and charming! It is all worth it!

Shinade said...

oh I have to agree with Max about Slogbite.

I have a new blog. And I will get it submitted as son as we have it completely finished.

In the mean time how about joining us in spreading a little love?

I know you're extremely busy so please don't feel pressured.

But it is sort of a nice little Valentine link love!!:-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

As a Minnesotan ... I am partial to the 2M !!

Post it ??

Alicia said...

I found your blog through, "A Greatful Heart". Laughter is good for my soul. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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mal said...

nice logo i like yahoo logo :-)

bb said...

ijust save dell logo.. thanks

zk said...

can you psot a coca cola logo

ket said...

fantastic :--)

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